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I'm Mark Derille

Website Developer

I'm a Frontend Web Developer based in New Zealand. I specialize in creating visually stunning and user-friendly Websites.

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I'm a Frontend Web Developer who enjoys anime, VTubers, and video games while crafting impactful front-end solutions for websites and web applications, driving the overall product's success.

I'm actively seeking job opportunities where I can contribute, learn, and grow. If you have a fitting opportunity that aligns with my skills and experience, feel free to reach out to me without hesitation.



A fullstack forum website focused on VTuber-related content.

Type: Fullstack
Hololive Production WebsiteHololive

A Website Clone

Type: Frontend


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Developed using Next.js, Typescript, and Tailwind CSS, and hosted on Vercel. The entire content employs the Inter font for consistent typography.